Basic Installation Directions

In the following sequence, steps 1 and 2 are interchangable. It doesn't matter if Cinemachine is installed before you import Prime Ball Controller.

  1. Install Cinemachine
  2. Import the Prime Ball Controller Package
  3. Drag the PlayerSphere prefab into your scene. The prefab is located at Assets->Magaeric Solutions->Prime Ball Controller->PlayerSphere->Prefabs.
  4. If your scene already has a Main Camera, remove or disable it. The prefab has all of the needed cameras included with it. If your project is already using Cinemachine and you need to keep your existing Main Camera / Cinemachine Brain, follow these steps.

That's it for the installation. Happy rolling! If you need more help, use the Detailed setup guide. Your Prime Ball Controller in now ready to use. Check the Input Mapping Page for the default controls and directions to change them.